3 ways to screw up your fat loss diet

Fat Loss Nutrition

The top 3 “un-sung” nutritional mistakes that are keeping you from your fat loss goals

Eating for fat loss is a difficult subject.   Everybody thinks they have the answer, but unfortunately that answer usually comes from clever advertising or some TV program that  tells people what they want to hear (usually something along the lines of “Eat my product and look like this model that we paid to say she actually eats this!”) Listen to people that are trying to lose fat talk about their nutritional habits, they are usually described as “pretty good” or “perfect”.  But unless they are getting the results they want I’d be willing to guess “perfect” may be a stretch even with less than optimal exercise programming.  Like these people, let’s see if you fall victim to any of these 3 “healthy” nutritional traps.

  1. Not eating enough– These are the people that are eating a low calorie yogurt for breakfast, an apple for lunch and a salad for dinner.  It’s just not enough food.  We want to make these fat loss changes through diet and exercise.  If we don’t give enough fuel to the system to exercise right, we’re not going to get the results we deserve for such torture.  (Try eating a low calorie yogurt for breakfast, apple for lunch, and salad with no meat for dinner then let me know if you feel up for doing some heavy tri-sets around 4:30p.)  But the good thing is we don’t have to do this to ourselves.  So do yourself a fat loss favor and eat; just not too much!
  2. Buying into “healthy” food–   Unfortunately the grocery store doesn’t care about your fat loss goals.  They really don’t.  Neither do the food companies.  They pay marketing people millions of dollars to use key words on their packaging that convince you their brand of food is in fact healthy, not because it is, but because they want to capitalize on the huge fat loss market that is so prevalent in modern American society!  They do tricky things like write “WHOLE WHEAT” on the package because that is perceived as healthy.  Whole wheat is actually probably something you should be trying to minimize in your diet as part of your fat loss goals.  Is it healthIER than non-whole grain products that are similar, but by no means should it be the staple of your fat loss diet.  So be weary of what is advertised as “healthy.”
  3. Crash dieting– I feel like I shouldn’t have to write this here in 2010 but the crash diet is still alive and well.  Just ask any Spring Breaker one week before the big flight to Mexico and they will be telling you they are going to diet all week to make sure they look good in that bathing suit.  I guess the idea comes from bodybuilders who really lean out in the weeks leading up to a big show, but somehow everyone out there thinks they can duplicate the results of months or even years of dedication to training and diet in one week.  This is simply not true.  A better way to go about that would be to use something motivating, like a big vacation 3 months away, to eat for fat loss the right way, actually get the results you want, and learn a new healthier lifestyle that will leave you looking beach ready year round.

So next time you are evaluating your fat loss efforts check on these 3 mistakes that could be holding you back.  Make no mistake about it; you will not lose fat without proper nutrition, don’t let these traps be the difference.



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