The End of Personal Training

2 Big reasons to stop personal training

Personal Training is dead and I find it amazing it has lasted as long as it has.  There are just too many flaws with the current training system and after logging a good portion of my adult life in these backwards institutions I have picked up on a few of the most devastating trends:

  1. Price – First and foremost, personal training is expensive.  Very expensive.  Here in Palm Beach County I did an informal survey of personal training prices for 1 hour sessions, two times per week at most of the major training facilities.  I was first amazed at the difficulty I was given by the sales staff at these places over the phone.  They simply would not tell me a price.  They told me to come in, so they could “get to know me better.”  As if somehow the price was going to change based on our short encounter.  I was next shocked at the average price I got, which was around $560 per month!  This is $6720 annually.  No wonder most people think they can fare better on their own! (Another mistake for another article)
  2. Scheduling – As a current (soon to be former) trainer at one of these places I know firsthand the most frustrating thing I can see in the eyes of the clients is scheduling difficulties.  It is nearly impossible to come up with times that work best for both the client and trainer since the trainer is limited to working with only one person per session and may not have great availability, especially if this trainer is in demand.  I can remember feeling terrible as a trainer telling clients I had no availability during certain weeks due to limited time available to actually be in there training.  I can’t imagine how the paying client must feel in a situation like that!

So now that I’ve thoroughly ripped down my current profession you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this.  I mention current profession because I am a month out from opening a training facility in Palm Beach Gardens with a partner called Coastal Performance.  At Coastal Performance I will transition from “trainer” to “coach” as we will be using a Semi-Private training model for our sessions.  This means that instead of One-on-One training, we will be conducting our training sessions in groups of up to 4 people.  Using 2 coaches this will allow for up to 8 people during one hour as opposed to 2, so goodbye scheduling difficulties.  This will also take the price down dramatically!  That $560 per month average in the county will be cut in half to $280 per month, while getting the same time spent training!

We also feel we are delivering a better product than personal training because of the accountability factor.  Many personal training clients love the accountability that comes from paying for a time they HAVE to go to the gym.  But they still miss.  Now that one person they let down by not showing up just became 5!  Nobody wants to disappoint the group.  Group training has also showed better results in areas such as fat loss due to this phenomenon.

Shameless plug for Coastal Performance, yes, but go try out a couple of regular old personal training sessions (if you really want to spend some serious cash to prove me wrong!) at your local “big box” gym and you will see every word of it holds true. (Better yet, call for their pricing and let the true frustration begin!)



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