Victoria’s Secret Models Secret Weapon

So as I tried to re-live Thanksgiving last night by picking away at every morsel of meat left on the bird I overheard a preview for the next feature on one of those ridiculous celebrity news shows on E! or Bravo or whatever it was my girlfriend had on at the time.  We were going to meet the guy who gets the Victoria Secret models ready for their big show!  I could hardly contain myself to get the opportunity to see another typical celebrity trainer pitching some ridiculous exercise propaganda guaranteed to turn every woman aged 15-45 into a Victoria Secret model!  I usually like to watch these so I can rip apart every sentence out of these people’s mouths.


Jillian, have you read a book since 1983?

But this time I was disappointed.

Now I wouldn’t be recommending Jon whatever his last name was to anyone anytime soon.  But I surprisingly didn’t hate this character as much as I hate other trainers who find themselves featured on cable gossip channels.  A couple things saved him from the fate of me making nasty comments about him not reading a book since 1983 while sitting on the couch not being featured on E!  These were the withholding of any ridiculous crunch exercises guaranteed to give you supermodel abs and his use of the word “posture.”

Finally, posture gets some love from the bad cable networks!

Well not really, but this guy somehow managed to sneak it in there.  Now, I think Kim Kardashian is dating some new dude, so we didn’t have time to get into how Jonny Trainer goes about promoting good posture, but I’ll go ahead and assume it was the exact strategies pointed out by Eric Cressey in his Strategies for Correcting Bad Posture: Part 1 blog post.  Now this guy is deserving of at least cable tv!

A book written after 1983!

Now don’t get me wrong, I did get angry.  Not at this trainer the models apparently can’t live without.  But at the media in general for how they exploit opportunities like these to produce stories people will watch, but don’t tell the whole story.  I’m sure the model training interview was like an hour long and they filmed an entire workout.  This was then cut down to a 45 second segment with a few of the more entertaining exercises and phrases.

So that’s all the American public gets to see.  And they are usually a whole lot worse than this one, but still, we did not get the whole picture.  Yes, I’m sure he did postural work and worked on core strength as he mentioned, but how did he progress the work, did he progress the work, how often do they work, how does he give nutritional advice, were they supermodels when they came to him(most likely of scenarios),  or HAS he read a book since 1983?

You just can’t figure out the secret to how to train like a supermodel in less than a minute. (Or maybe I’m giving this guy way too much credit and you can.)  There is way more to exercise programming than meets the eye.  This article by Brendan Hayden does a good job of starting to explain the importance of having a complete program.  CP Principles – Program Design.

The point is, please don’t watch anything on the news, any news, especially E! News, and think you are getting the full story of how to get in shape.  If you really want to know how to do it yourself go ask a trainer or read a book.  If the book promises “lower abs,” find another book.

Quiz the trainer by asking what’s the best exercise to get “lower abs.”  If their answer is anything other than, that’s impossible, but we’re gonna progress you up to a lifting heavy weights for total body fat loss which, MIGHT, someday, with proper dietary restrictions, give you a chance to see the lower portion of the rectus abdominis, which is the same muscle as the “upper abs,” find a new trainer.





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