New Year’s Resolutions

For 2011 I have decided that I need to do a better job with posting content here on the blog.  I will try to post something every weekday.  There is my specific 2011 New Years Resolution.  It is measurable, SPECIFIC, and attainable.  These are important qualities for New Years Resolutions, IE, goals.  If you are reading this and decided this was the year to “get in shape!” please change that.  Ask yourself, “get in shape for what?”

For the record, note other blog posts on here, jogging is NOT getting in shape.  I can’t stress that enough.  I am fortunate enough to live by A1A in South Florida which is the road that goes right along the beach.  It’s a beautiful strip of pavement perfect for stupid exercise decisions.  I must have counted 50 people plodding along thinking this was the year for them to get the body they want!  (Apologies to the endurance athletes TRAINING in Juno Beach along A1A yesterday afternoon, training for a specific endurance event is certainly a noteworthy goal.)

But for those mimicking the endurance athletes in an attempt to look leaner, this is a misinformed decision that might want to be reconsidered.  Please start a resistance training program designed specifically for you by a knowledgeable trainer. (hint: if they did not read a training related book in 2010, probably not a knowledgeable trainer.)  And make sure the trainer puts you through a movement screen before starting any program.  (hint: the ridiculous fitness test involving heart rates and crunches given at your local commercial gym is NOT a movement screen)  A real screen can prevent you from doing exercises your body is not ready to handle from a mobility and stability standpoint and can go a long way in injury prevention.  And nothing can derail a program quite like an injury of any kind.

Don’t be fooled, injuries don’t “just happen.”  They can be the result of poor exercise programming and doing too much too soon.  You can’t take your ego into a true resolution or goal.  You have to accept where you are and progress from there.




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