The (Supplement) Talk

There comes a time in every fitness enthusiasts life when they notice things are changing.  They feel different inside, they look different on the outside.  They notice weights going up, body fat percentage going down.  It’s a very important time in a young man or woman’s life…   Then it all stops.  They cease to make progress as rapidly as they had before.  They put in the intensity in the gym, stay attentive to their food intake, nothing has really changed, except their progress.

Then they start to listen to what’s going on around them.  Lot’s of talk about supplements and quick fixes.  When they were making progress they didn’t even see the ads or hear the talk.  But now that progress is slowing, they start to think SUPER FAT BLASTING HYDRO FIRE PILLS may be the missing link!

If you find yourself in those shoes, it’s time for “the (supplement) talk.”

But Dad, everyone else is taking N.O. Explod!!


It may seem like you are missing something, but the truth is, you are no longer a beginner.  Congratulations.  You’re reward for your hard work… even harder work and more patience require to keep improving!  Unfortunately supplements are not going to be your saving grace.  Once you accept this truth, you will be on your way to continued success and the body and performance that go along with the hard work and patience you are going to need to exhibit.  It’s not easy, and that is why not many people ever get out of this “King Arthur” phase.

I guess it could be a fun (but expensive) journey seeking the miracle supplement...

Whether it be “mind blowing pumps,” “fat inferno inducing” or “extra home run slamming power in every bottle,” they all seem to make some wonderful claims, but none of this is going to create any magical unrealistic results in your body or performance.

Now I’m not anti-supplement.  Not in the slightest.  I take a lot of supplements.  But I like to think I have a realistic expectation of the results of my taking these supplements, and it’s not INSTANT LOWER ABS.

NOT to be confused with any other abs...

Check back next week and I’ll go into which supplements I think are going to be worthwhile taking.

Have a great weekend.




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