Yesterday’s Post: Protein Shakes

(I accidentally made this a page somehow and not a blog post, sorry for your major disappointment in my wordpress skills.)

So as I’ve stated before, I’m definitely a fan of protein shakes.  I think it’s a convenient way to get more protein, and a lot easier than preparing or buying food.  The problem is most people have this image of some meathead chugging down a protein shake as he cuts the sleeves off his shirt and alienates everyone in the room all at the same time.  There’s this connection people make between meatheads on steroids (which my theory goes, if someone looks like they are on steroids, they probably are) and protein shakes.

Protein shakes did not make this giant dude, but I might have a few guesses at what did…

We need to stop thinking about protein shakes as magical supplements that can make or break you and start remembering what they are… FOOD.  As noted strength coach Mike Boyle often says, “It’s like chicken in a can.”  And there’s a lot of truth to that.  Drinking a protein shake is to get the protein, which you can get from any protein source be it meat, dairy, or eggs.  The thing with the shakes are they are just convenient, inexpensive, and sometimes taste great.

And that’s my main thing to look for when choosing a shake, just pick based on taste.  They all have protein, except those stupid flavor sticks you add to water by Special K or whatever they are, 8g does not count as protein, I start counting at 20g per serving.  So if the shake has over 20g of protein per serving and isn’t loaded up with a ton of sugar I really think they’re all pretty much the same in terms of health benefits.  Now it’s just about picking something you enjoy drinking.

Why torture yourself chugging down something gross if there are so many options giving you the same outcome?  There is bound to be something you enjoy.  So search around and find something you like and remember, it’s not a magical supplement, it’s food.  Nobody would try to sell you “Fitness” Chicken, but they would sell you “finger lickin” chicken (a hellified way to start your day*).

There would be an “Allen’s Fitness-Chicken” and it would be from my home state of Delaware…

So choose based on how you would choose any other food (all other things being equal), and do it based on taste.  I always even keep a few different flavors around so I don’t have to drink the same KFC flavored protein everyday.  (Just kidding, I’m obviously a huge vanilla guy)


*If you get this reference you probably need to take a long hard look in the mirror and think about your life…



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