Why your Workout isn’t Working Out

Great article up on the CP website by Brendan.  It’s called “Why your Workout isn’t Working Out.”

It goes into a lot of the things I’ve been talking about lately but really hits home on a few great points including making strength a top priority.

I’ve got a friend up in the greater Baltimore area.  He’s a single guy, always out on the town trying to look his best.  So what do all single guys out on the town in Baltimore want the most?  Why abs of course.  So he’s always asking what he can do to shed some fat and expose that six pack he has somewhere down there.  And he’s always disappointed when I tell him to get big and strong again (he USED to be a stud college running back back in his day), then we’ll talk abs.

It’s a strange concept to most, and Brendan goes into more detail in the article, but you can’t get “ripped” without a certain level of muscle underneath.  You need to get strong and add muscle first, lots of it.  Then you can go about losing fat to expose those abs hidden underneath.  But you can’t go the other way around, it unfortunately doesn’t work that way.

And as a side note, I think we’ve already covered this, (and my single friend in Baltimore can attest to this) but we can’t cardio our way to abs.  It’s just not a great way to get the body you want.  Running is a sport, not a fat loss modality, and don’t let anyone kid you otherwise.  Besides, if you do cardio in conjunction with a diet (which will aid in fat loss) and no strength training, we will end up with a result that is far from the images of models on the covers of  fitness magazines all single guys in Baltimore aspire to look like.

Enjoy the article.




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4 responses to “Why your Workout isn’t Working Out

  1. scott mcmillan


    Great Article. I also have a friend in Baltimore that strives for that ever elusive “Shredded like a Wave” look. Here’s the problem. MOTIVATION. This “friend” talks BIG about getting more ripped than a T-Shirt off Hulk Hogan in his prime, but he simply will NOT get off the couch! How can he expect to get all jacked up eating 58 cheesy gorgita supremes by noon every day? Any advice?

    -sick to my stomach about a friend in baltimore who eats carbs like jaws eats human beings

    • I’ll bet he probably likes listening to old 311 and Sublime songs too, I’ve seen this once before… You’re going to need to sit him down and explain that he can’t get “shredded like a wave” and live his wild Baltimore lifestyle and expect to get the best results from both. In other words he can’t have his cake and eat it too… (Unless he chooses the “not-so-shredded” option)

  2. Antonymous

    Great Article Hunter,

    I’m a newcomer to this blog and this article really hit home for me. I also have a friend in Baltimore, and he seems more interested in hanging out with jacked dudes than actually being one! I thought he hit rock bottom when I found him passed out after one of his booze drenched nights, laying next to a tub of margarine that he had been dipping pretzels into! Nothing is worse for me than seeing the look on his face after he rips his shirt off at his favorite bar, Club St. Charles, only to be mocked and told to put it back on. I’m really at a loss, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • He got mocked at Club 1722 After Hours? That’s not good. I would suggest making small changes, maybe start with dipping protein bars into a nice healthy butter instead of that trans fatty margarine… I think that would be a great late night/ early morning snack for your party hardy friend!

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