Here is a video of one of the most important exercises an athlete can master.

One thing we forgot to mention is reps with the cleans need to be low.  This is not an exercise we should be doing more than 5 of.

The clean is one of the most technical lifts you can learn and requires every ounce of focus to perform it correctly even when only doing a few reps with a lighter weight.  Now imagine trying something that is difficult to do once 50 times.  Something is going to give in, and it’s probably going to be form.  Then we get into hurt wrists when we don’t bring the elbows all the way through, and eventually worse.

Not to mention, like box jumps, the clean is a power exercise with a huge impact force on the joints.  That means we don’t want to be doing more than a few per workout, giving each one our full effort so we can pull the bar fast enough to actually develop some power.  It’s like anything, if we can’t work hard enough to stimulate some change in the body, why bother doing it?



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