Never listen to a word from a beginner.

Beginners in the gym are the worst source of advice you could ever receive.  They produce of bounty of information on what not to do to get results in the gym.  But they always get results.  Sometimes really impressive results.  So why can’t you listen to your co-workers sister Alice who lost 25 pounds doing pink dumbbell curls and 45 minutes on the elliptical?

Because she is a beginner and beginners get great results doing ANYTHING!  Take a 35 year old woman who hasn’t exercised in 20 years and you’re going to get results by just getting off the couch!  There was nothing magic about the pink dumbbell curl or the elliptical; there was something magical about being a beginner.

I think it’s great to get new people into fitness, but they shouldn’t be dishing out tips on how they got such great results in their first 6 weeks.  Now after they train consistently for a few years and still get rapid results, I’m all ears.  I think a lot of hearsay in fitness comes from these beginners.  Word of mouth spreads like wildfire if Suzy down in accounting lost 54 pounds in a month by walking on the treadmill everyday.  Unfortunately the treadmill and Suzy’s gym addiction (a bad thing) get credit for something they had nothing to do with.  Trainers and bootcamp instructors sporting $99 online certification credentials often get credit for these miracles too and think it was their expert programming (if they bother with that voodoo) that did the trick.  Nope, just another beginner getting results, which unfortunately sets them up for continuing bad exercise practices into the intermediate and advances stages where they will cease to make progress and sometimes unfortunately give up before their ultimate goals are achieved.

So be skeptical of anyone dishing out fitness advice whose livelihood does not depend on getting results for the masses, not just beginners.  (And I mean getting actual results, not just a burning feeling in the muscles during the workout.)




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