Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat from a Deficit

So I’ve been reading a lot about a variation on one of my favorite exercises, the Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat.  The variation is doing it from a deficit to give you a greater range of motion and be able to load the exercise without putting a bar on your back.  I decided to give it a try today the best way I know how, doing as much weight as I could find laying around the gym.  (We have way too much free time on Friday afternoons.)

Before letting clients do an exercise we usually try to test them out ourselves and (to quote Captain Ron) figured if anything’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen out there. (with a ton of weight on my back)

A must see

Anyways, here is my attempt to keep good form as I give this exercise a try.


Overall I think it’s a good variation.  I was definitely way lower than a traditional RFESS.  My only concern is loading up the weight gets tough from our setup we tried.  Since we don’t have a shorter step we had to use our 12 inch plyo box, which is just too high.  So we made the back foot even higher by putting an airex pad on the bench I was using.  This wasn’t as stable as I had hoped and led to a little slipping around, but not too bad.  Physically getting into that position with the weight isn’t exactly easy either.  (it involved a dangerous 100lb. dumbbell rear foot elevated clean and catch until I finally asked Brendan for help on my last set, which meant he was involving the camera.)

My recommendation would be to use a smaller step for this exercise and not take it to really high weights.  The risk reward just isn’t there, if you get strong enough to use a weight you’re uncomfortable carrying into that position, just do them traditionally with a bar on your back to increase the load in a safer way.



*I totally did like 25 more reps on that same leg after the camera cut off…


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