Why do we warm up?

Busy week here at CP.  Here is another article from the CP website I wrote for our principles series on warming up.  If your warmup is currently arm swings or walking on the treadmill, this is worth a read…

Why do we warm-up?

The standard warm-up across any gym in America is 5 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical machine.  While this does elevate core temperature, this is pretty much all that short bout of walking does in terms of workout preparation.   We take our warm-ups a little more seriously at Coastal Performance because that is valuable time that should not be wasted.  Our foam rolling and stretching are actually warm-ups for our warm-up.  This integral part of any workout not only raises the core temperature but addresses the rest of our warm-up goals as well.

These warm-up goals start with raising the core temperature, but also include:

  • Joint mobility
  • Postural Muscle Activation
  • Coordination
  • Movement Pattern Correction

Each of these goals are going to help set you up for a great workout and leaving any of these out can really take away from the quality of the exercises you are about to do.  In some cases, they can also set you up for an injury, which will really hurt your long term goals.

So we take time each workout and let everyone complete their own individual warm-up routine designed to accomplish all of these goals and not set them up for anything less than an optimal workout.



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