Dan John speaks

I missed Mike Boyle’s (authority in Strength and Conditioning world) Winter Seminar, but I have recently gotten access to one of the talks by Dan John.  As I have stated before Dan John has and continues to have a great influence on my training and programming style and the way I approach any new information.  He gave a couple talks at this winter seminar and I am halfway done listening to him talk about “The role of the Strength Coach.”

While I haven’t finished the talk yet one story he told really stuck out to me.

He was talking to a strength coach out in Utah, where Dan lived at the time.  The tone of the story would indicate that the level of play out in Utah for high school football isn’t exactly South Florida or Texas (or Northern Delaware) quality.  Well this particular team had only won 2 games the season before, but then they received 7 high level players from out of state transferring into the school for what sounded like legal reasons.  The team was runner up in the state finals that year.  Dan was talking to this strength coach, who told him the reason the team did so well was that they switched from doing 3 sets of 5 in their lifts to 5 sets of 2.  This guy was convinced it was solely his programming that changed the entire season for this team.  Not adding 7 incredible athletes; but a slight variation in rep schemes.

It’s this type of stuff that you hear about all the time.  I joke about guys that say they work with very elite level athletes and might as well be saying, “when I started with him he was only 5’9; now he’s 6’3!”  Strength coaches can’t take credit for athletic results.  The same way that athletic results can’t be guaranteed from a great training program.

A great training program merely gives an athlete and coach and better body to work with.  What the coach does, and how the athlete handles the mental side of the game is out of the strength coaches hands.  You see it all the time with guys that look like Greek God’s in their uniforms,but can’t play the sport worth a lick.  It’s just not always so black and white.

Hopefully more to come from Dan John soon, him and Mike Boyle himself gave multiple talks during the Winter Seminar.



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