5x per week

So after I get done my previous 35 posts talking about gym addiction and why it’s a bad thing, I’m going to now disclose my newest program.  5 times per week.  I know, it’s a huge contradiction, but I have my reasons and justifications.

My biggest problem with people who hit the gym everyday is lack of productivity.  They can’t possibly go hard for all that time, so it ends up being very wasteful and usually involving lots of long slow pointless cardio.  The difference between my program and theirs is that mine is structured for it.  So I spaced everything out that I would accomplish in 3 days and did it in 5.  My reasoning behind this is working here at a gym, I have no reason why I can’t schedule out an hour each day to get a workout in.  But scheduling in an hour and a half to get in everything is a bit much.  I was finding that my extensive warmup and stretching routine was taking up to a half hour to accomplish, sometimes longer if I really felt tight.  My top priority is my stretching and corrective exercises right now so I want to make sure I am giving that enough time.  There is also no reason why I can’t shouldn’t be doing that daily.  Quite frankly, it’s the only way I’ll make time to stretch and do my corrective work.

So I scheduled my workout around the fact that I need to be fixing what’s wrong with me everyday.  I did this by spacing out the major lifts and adding in eccentric-less major lifts (cleans, etc.) on days that I don’t want to inhibit my recovery.  The workouts themselves are very minimal and only focus on one major lift, and some core and corrective work worked into the trisets.  But like I said, my focus is in my warmup, and if I’m going to warmup, I might as well get stronger at something.

So there’s my reasoning for my current (apparent) hypocrisy.  I feel a focus on stretching and correcting imbalances is one of the only reasons to workout more than 3 or 4 days per week, not fat loss or muscle gain.



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