Hip Mobility

I just wanted to throw up a couple videos on hip mobility today.  The hip is an incredibly mobile joint, or at least it’s supposed to be.  We need to take care to stretch and mobilize the hip at all possible movements, not just flexion (hip flexor stretch) or extension (hamstring stretch).  There’s much more to it than that.

We need to work on our adductors, or groin area.  These are a huge grouping of muscles whose job in an anatomy textbook are to adduct the leg (move the leg in towards the middle of the body).  But this doesn’t happen all that much unless you’re on the “inny-outty” machine (if this is the case I will make fun of you regardless of your gender, completely useless machine).  The real role of those vast muscles is to stabilize the hip during other movements.  Take sprinting for example.  When I say sprint, you think glutes and hamstrings.  This is correct in that they are the main movers of extending the legs and getting that leg drive.  However, the adductors play a huge role in this movement as well.  While the glutes extend the leg, they also are set up in a way that gives them the ability to assist in abduction (pull leg away from the middle of the body).  This would be counterproductive to the sprinting motion, so here come the adductors to save the day.  While the glutes extend the leg at great force in the sprint, the adductors work to hold the leg in place and keep it from flying out.  From this we can see the importance of the often ignored adductors.  They work with the glutes in almost every movement to get the movement you desire.  So take care of them the way you would any other major muscle group in the upper leg.  Roll, stretch, and mobilize.

Here are some videos on that:

A Roll.

A Stretch.

A Mobilization.

Have at it.






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