Hip Mobility Continued

I decided to follow up on my adductor section of my hip mobility series with another movement the hip does that is often neglected.  That is external rotation.  If you don’t know what hip external rotation is, turn your left foot out.  The rotation that occurred at the hip joint there is called external rotation.

There are 6 smaller muscles that externally rotate the hip.  I won’t bore you with all of them (slash waste my time googling all of them because I know you don’t really care all that much) but I will mention one is the piriformis.  This (and the others) are tricky little muscles that we sit on most of the day.  They don’t love that so they can get problematic.  From a personal note, my chiropractor actually thinks this muscle group, particularly piriformis, contributes to the pain I get anteriorly (in the front of my hip) when I flex my hip past 90 degrees.  When I work on my external rotators, then stretch them out, the pain goes away.

So yes, pain in the front of the hips can be caused by dysfunction in the back of the hips.  So how do we take care of these muscles and keep our external rotation normal?  I’ll give you a roll, a stretch, and a mobilization to help get you started.

A Roll:

A Stretch:

With this one start with your foot in closer to the body and work it out as you loosen up till you can get into the position Brendan is demonstrating in the video.*

A Mobilization:

Give those a try before your next workout and hopefully your hips feel a little more mobile.





*Not actually Brendan



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