Book Review: New Rules of Lifting for Abs

So I’m finally getting around to reviewing a book I read awhile ago called the New Rules of Lifting for Abs by Lou Schuler.

My take:  It was a good read.  That’s pretty much it.  I think it’s tough with fitness books because the industry changes so rapidly.  By the time the book gets published the information is a few years old.  A lot changes in a few years.  I embarrassed to say what I was doing a couple years ago.  (think biceps curls and ridiculous abs routines!)  But it’s a good thing that it changes, that’s a sign of progressing.  Any trainer doing the same things he was doing in 1991 probably isn’t a very good trainer.  Actually I can guarantee they suck.

Even with pants like that I can’t guarantee he knows what he’s doing

But back to the book.

I think it was sold as a book co-written by Alwyn Cosgrove (owner of Results Fitness, one of America’s top gyms, and a leader in the fat loss training community), but there was actually no words written by Alwyn in the whole book.  It was just Lou, which is fine.  He’s a good writer, but he’s very Men’s Health.  Good magazine, but they have  a certain style of writing that is too obvious they are trying to cater towards their market.

He does a good job of explaining that new fangled way of training (almost exactly how we train here at CP).  I can see where a book like that would be an eye opener to your typical Men’s Health reader.  As a strength coach keeping up with the industry trends on a daily basis, it was nothing I had not seen before.  That’s ok though, not all books need to be written with me in mind.  So if you’re still that guy or girl at the gym doing a shoulder day or a biceps day, go ahead and pick this book up.  It will change your life.  If you’re already enlightened and don’t train like a juiced up bodybuilder full of injuries you’re probably better off saving some money for other reads.  All the information in this book and more is easily available online in blogs and articles by guys like Boyle, Cressey, Gentilcore, Dan John, ME, etc.

Also, the title is confusing and he has to spend the whole book explaining it.  It has “abs” in the title, but really that’s just to sell the book.  He’s 100% correct in this however.  People only want to hear about how to get abs.  He would never sell a book called New Rules of Reasonable Training to Feel Better and Probably Look Better too as Long as You Control your Diet.  Except to me, but we’ve already established that I’m not a great target market.  Single guy’s in their 30s are a lot more lucrative!

Hopefully I can keep my reading going and get out another review soon!




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