Awesome Warmups

I drove by a horrible morning outdoor bootcamp the other day and saw a bad warmup going on.  It looked kinda like this…

It got me worrying that people think that’s a good idea and a great warmup.  Not only are the poor souls not getting warmed up properly, but a “fitness professional” told them to do it!

I thought I would put up a few clips on what a proper warmup is supposed to look like…

But first, here is a video we made awhile back poking some fun at other bad warmups you see in a gym setting.

So from the video we know we need to foam roll, stretch, activate, and mobilize.  While each individual needs to focus on areas important to their needs here are some good places to start.

Foam Rolling Routine:

Hip Flexor Stretch: (more of a mobilization, but still a great example)

Chest Stretch:

Shoulder External Rotator Activation:

Glute Medius Activation:

Goblet Squat: (Great knee dominant movement, good addition for warmups as well as regular set work)

(Good for you if you can do this as well as Ben Bruno, the guy is a master of “unsung hero” exercises like that)

So while this is far from a complete warmup, these few exercises will be a great start for most people out there.  Make sure to do these in the right order as that is an extremely important factor in a warmup.  (I have them listed in the order I would do them)  So if your warmup looks more like the first ridiculous one ( I don’t care what your obviously unqualified bootcamp instructor says, that’s a huge waste of time and leaves you very vulnerable for an injury), or the one demonstrated by Brendan in our video, give those exercises a try and enjoy what is to be followed, which should be one of the best workouts of your life.



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