Perform Better Hangover

I know, I’ve been pretty lazy on the blog lately… since like April.  But I’ve been inspired by a trip to Providence, RI for my first Functional Fitness Summit.  It was the boost I needed to get back online and write about what I’m seeing in the wide world of sports training and fitness.

At some point while having an awesome time up in RI and meeting a lot of fitness professionals much smarter than myself I think I realized it’s not about the content.  You would expect I would go up there and come back with a wealth of new knowledge and change everything I do in my training and programming, but that’s just not the case.  I think it has a lot to do with the widespread availability of new information online.  Mike Boyle for instance is one of the top coaches in the world.  I had a chance to not only meet Coach Boyle, but listen to one of his lectures.  It was awesome… but I’ve seen the lecture before online.  Same for another one of my heroes, Dan John, who I was too shy to introduce myself to.  Great talk even though I had already heard it online.  I knew this going in and it was much better in person.  But from a pure fitness content standpoint I think the internet is playing a huge role in how fast information is passed along in the industry.  It’s no longer about books and lectures.

The last book I reviewed was New Rules of Lifting for Abs.  Alwyn Cosgrove was one of the main contributors to the program defined in the book.  While it was still great information, the book detailed what Alwyn was going a couple years ago while the book was being produced.  By 2011 that information would still blow most Men’s Health readers minds, but it wasn’t the most up to date information available and certainly wasn’t what Alwyn was doing in his facility out of California. (I was too shy to introduce myself to Alwyn too, his Scottish accent intimidated me)

I guess my take home from the Summit was that I need to keep up on my reading online because that is where the real knowledge is gained and lost.  It far surpasses what’s available in books, lectures and especially college level courses!  And it’s mostly free!  So time is the only factor you need to make readily available to constantly be educating yourself straight from the minds of the best in the world.



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