Top 4 Fat Loss Strategies for Women

Needed a catchy title.  The strategies are actually the same for men too!  We’re the same species; don’t pretend like it’s that crazy of a concept.  But I do want to outline my favorite fat loss strategies now that summer is upon us and (based on my trip to the Jupiter Inlet last Sunday afternoon) not everyone is quite where they want to be aesthetically speaking.  So here are my top 4 ways to lose fat fast!

    1. Nutrition – Hopefully this doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that proper nutrition comes first.  It is impossible to train past a bad diet.  It just doesn’t happen.  No matter how perfect you think you are at the gym, your not going to lose any fat if Kashi cereal and Domino’s pizza are on the menu everyday.  Yes, I do classify cereal and pizza on the same nutritional level.
    2. Nutrition – Yes, it’s that important.  (idea stolen completely from Alwyn Cosgrove)  But it doesn’t take away from the power of making nutrition occupy two of the top four fat loss strategies.  I will go on to say that it’s not just about the calories.  What you eat is just as important as how much you eat.  For the most part people know healthy from unhealthy, it’s just a matter of acting on it.  Has anyone ever argued that chicken and broccoli for dinner is a bad idea?
    3. Strength Training – When it comes to training for fat loss, strength is key.  We need strength training as our top priority because as our nutrition helps us lose weight we need to promote or at least maintain muscle mass as we lose those pounds of fat!  Women is particular often fear becoming bulky from strength training.  At our facility all of our female members, whether trying to lose fat or not, participate in strength training and not one of them has ever complained about becoming too bulky!  Trust me, you are no different!  If it were that easy every dude you meet would look like a bodybuilder!
    4. Metabolic Training – While strength training is certain metabolic in nature, I’m talking about more intense interval type work.  We usually do this at the end of a workout to really pick up that heart rate and leave metabolism elevated for hours after  the workout is over!  At Coastal Performance this includes but is certainly not limited to sled pushes, rope swings slideboards and Airdyne intervals.

But wait?  No cardio?  Exactly.  Cardio has no place in my top 4 Fat Loss strategies.  Doing hours of cardio only takes away from the other types of training you SHOULD be doing to lose fat.  I’ve written on this before here but I still people jogging for fat loss and insisting cardio is the answer, so I feel compelled to keep saying it’s not.  So take care of those Top 4 Fat Loss Strategies FIRST!  Then once you take care of them, we can talk about additional strategies to keep the fat melting off!

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