Fat Loss Fuel

While I’m buckling down and actually doing things I decided I need to do consistently, (blog, twitter, facebook) I also decided to actually sit down and write a real article.  I didn’t know what it was going to be about at first, I just know I wanted to start writing about nutrition.  It actually ended up turning into what I think is an interesting topic; the debate between calorie counters and low carb dieters.  (I know… my interesting topics are getting less and less interesting by the minute.)

But none the less, I thought it turned out to be a descent summary of both sides of the equation and I put my take on it at the end with some recommendations I would follow if I wasn’t already at like 3% body fat. (My jokes are getting less funny too.)

Fat Loss Fuel

Also, if you’re down with Twitter be sure to give me a follow here!  I’m not good at tweeting yet, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

That’s it for today day, try not to make fun of my poor grammar too much in the article. (And definitely blame Brendan for the inevitable errors; he was in charge of editing.)



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