Top 4 Exercise Swaps

Brendan wrote an article yesterday about “Stuff You Shouldn’t Be Doing in a Commercial Gym.”  I thought I might do a similar concept because I  prefer not to think for myself.  But I’m still trying desperately to be more positive so I thought instead of JUST ripping on things I don’t like, I would provide a few alternatives that I do like.

As a side note, I’ve been getting into a  lot of discussions lately regarding my thoughts on other forms of exercise such as yoga, Pilates, jogging, and CrossFit.  In all of these instances I try to give it to people straight and tell them how I really feel.   Well in one of these discussions as I was discussing how pointless I feel an hour of yoga is I was accused of “only liking what I do here and there are other forms of exercise that aren’t all bad.”  YES!  If I believed in other forms of exercise we would already be doing them here at CP!  The point being is that I stole any and all positives from all other forms of exercise to cut the fat and focus on more results in less time.  I think the details may be another article in itself if I’m feeling like writing a really negative piece one of these days, but for now, back to my top 4 swaps

1)  This one is off a facebook post from yesterday.  Swap out bench press and biceps curls Monday for these squats and farmer’s walks.  The benches are always full on Mondays and unless you weigh over 185 and can do 10 STRICT chinups (preferably weighted), don’t even talk to me about biceps curls.  Try to get through the circuit 8 times without putting the weight down at the end of your workout!

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2)  Next is off of Brendan’s post yesterday.  We’ve established the Torso Rotation machine is a bad idea, but what should we do instead?  A good abdominal exercise rarely used is what we call an “anti-rotation press,”  the exact opposite of the Torso Rotation!

Try holding for 10 seconds 3 times on each side per set.  Work that into your next alternating set or triset a few times to show your abs they don’t have to be crunching or twisting to get a great workout.

3)  Let’s go ahead and throw out triceps kickbacks.  I don’t want to see another one of those performed EVER AGAIN.  In the meantime try some pushups.

Pick the variation that challenges you until you can get 3 sets of 12 at it, then move to the next progression.  Once you get 3 sets of 12 with your feet elevated it’s time to start investing in some chains!

4)  I never like the way Lat Pulldowns look.  It’s just one of those exercises that I don’t feel is necessary.  No reason to ever stray from pullups and chinups!  Every healthy person on this planet should be able to perform at least one perfect form chinup. (Women included!)  Here is a Tip of the Week from the archives to show how to get started!

That’s it for the swaps for today.



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