4 Steps to Getting Consistent Results in the Gym

If I had to pick one trait displayed by the most successful people in our gym I would have to say it’s consistency.  That’s the one key factor in getting results in the fitness world nobody wants to talk about.  It’s easy to argue over whether or not jogging for 80 miles a week is going to do anything to help lose any fat, (it won’t!)  or what type of L-Arginine pre-workout supplement delivers the best biceps vein popping pumps (none).  It’s hard to actually get consistent and do the RIGHT things week in and week out.  The people that get this concept, generally get the best results, it’s that simple.  Let’s have a look at 4 steps it takes to get consistent and get results doing it.

1)  Prioritize – Priorities need to be set based on goals.  If your goal is to lose fat, we need to look at what going to give us the best bang for your buck when it comes to fat loss.  Wasting 3 hours a week doing “cardio” is not helping us getting any closer to losing fat.  So let’s go ahead and focus on what really counts, nutrition and strength training.  If you have your priorities set, then it’s easier to make time to do the right things.  If I have zero free time during the week, (which is a complete joke, you can always find a couple hours to workout) then we can at least eat right.  If we manage to roll out of bed before 9 a couple days a week then we’ll look to the top of the priority list to know what to do with that limited time for exercise. (hint: lift heavy things for fat loss!)

2)  Have a Plan in the Gym – Being consistent and being efficient are linked together.  If you go into the gym and it’s a planned out hour where you accomplish a lot you’re going to be more likely to make time for it then if you just kinda want to blast your biceps a little with some chest exercises thrown in too.  That’s not a recipe for success, your workout needs to be written down right down to the sets and reps and order before you even set foot in a gym, preferably by a professional that actually knows what they’re doing (if you copied it from a magazine, that does not count).

3)  Be Realistic – I’ve yet to meet someone with a job or life, that’s not a PROFESSIONAL bodybuilder (meaning they actually get paid to do it) that gets great results by working out 6 or 7 days a week for 3 hours a day.  If those people do exist they are the exception, not the rule.  And most likely, they already looked great when they started that unrealistic routine.  If you know you have a tight schedule and it’s difficult to get 2 workouts in a week, don’t decide you’re going to start working out 4 times a week!  Just work on making sure you always get 2; and that they are the most productive 2 hours of your week with respect to your goals!

4)  Be Flexible – While consistency requires sticking to schedules, being flexible is still one of the top traits I see in our most successful members.  If they can’t workout Monday at the usual time they

don’t lose any sleep over it.  They find another day and go on with life.  It’s important to not be married to certain schedules but to be able to adjust when things don’t go perfectly.  Who really knows what the “perfect” workout schedule is anyway.  I sure don’t; it’s different for everyone.  If you’re going on vacation and there isn’t a gym, great!  Do some wall slides and lunges and hit the beach!  It’s not about being “perfect,” doing your best with the situations that present themselves IS perfect!

Bad psychologically too!

So now that the week is almost over, go back and evaluate to see how consistent you were.  Did you prioritize your workout choices and make sure your workouts reflected your goals?  Or did you just go jogging when you want to lose fat?  Did you have a plan in the gym ?  Or did you just have a general idea of the body part you wanted to hit?  Were you hoping to get to the gym 15 times this week and only made it once?  Or did you say you knew 2 times would be hard to get and you got them both?   Did you stress out because you missed a workout or had a slice of pizza?  Or did you move on to the next meal or workout as if the blunder never happened?  I’ll bet you can guess which of these the most successful gym goers implement.

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