Update Your Workout

Whenever I meet someone new it always turns into a conversation about working out.  That’s fine with me actually, I love talking about myself, I mean working out.  The problem is that I usually have trouble gauging the situation.  You see, most people and I have… conflicting… points of view on nearly all fitness related topics.

This presents a problem as I am a fitness professional, and no professional would succeed if they were constantly flip flopping their opinions based on who they were talking to. (Insert cheesy politics joke here)

Brett Favre jokes work too...

Most people take it fairly well and I like to think they end up learning a thing or too.  But there is one guy that always seems to walk away with no chance of getting any closer to the results they want.  Allow me to introduce you to “Same workout Guy.”

Same workout Guy is a legend at his gym, at least among the staff.  You’ve seen him at your gym I’m sure, even though he can take many forms.  Websters defines Same workout Guy as “the guy and or girl in the gym who has been doing the same workout routine for over 6 months.

So how do you spot same workout guy?  Same workout guy is always positively identified by doing the same workout everyday.  If you see a guy or girl doing the same workout everyday for over 6 months, you’ve found yourself same workout guy.  But you might have to go deeper than that.

Wishing I had a VCR...

You see, same workout guy might have gotten his workout in the mid 90s.  (This is actually the most common form of same workout guy.)  In the mid 90s, body part splits were all the rage!  You did chest and triceps on Monday, back and biceps on Tuesday, then leg press machine, shoulders and abs on Wednesday.  This process was then repeated until an injury occurred!  Strange times…

And he’s still doing this same routine 16 years later.  Impressive yes… but I seem to remember another word used to describe doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  (He will also be easily identified by wearing the same clothes he has worn since 1995.  Why fix a purple tank top that isn’t broken!)

But same workout guy isn’t limited to THAT guy.  He can be (and often is) a 25 year old girl.  How many girls in the gym follow this routine: 45 minutes of elliptical walking, 15 minutes of crunches and twists, a few sets of 20 with light “toning” weights on the “inny” and “outy” leg machines, and finish with another 15 minutes on the elliptical?

I would argue most.

So those that know better need to take it upon themselves to help same workout guy out and remind him to update his workout.

Explain to him that his VCR still technically works too, as does his Spin Doctors mixtape!  That doesn’t mean it’s the best option available.  He had to learn to use his blackberry, it wouldn’t hurt to learn a new workout routine.  It might even make his life easier.

For more ideas on how to update your workout keep an eye out for a report we’re finishing up at Coastal Performance called Rapid Fat Loss Secrets Revealed.  We should have the finishing touches on it in the next few days!  I’ll keep you updated.  And be sure to like us on Facebook and follow me on twitter @huntermcmillan.



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