Top 4 Fat Loss Foods

Quick post today with my favorite foods to encourage people to eat when trying to lose fat.  This doesn’t mean that’s all we should eat, but barring any crazy food allergies we should be including these in our diets.  But I’ll start with an awesome video:

Which brings me to the list.

1)  Carrots.  I had to include them!  They are easy to snack on cold and can easily replace most poor snack choices such as pretzels and chips!

2)  Broccoli.  Try eating a cup or two of broccoli then tell me you’re still hungry for dessert.  Broccoli is a nice versatile vegetable because it is delicious both raw and cooked.  I mean obviously I prefer them cooked, but the choice is yours.

3)  Eggs.  Eat some eggs.  They are great for you and I have yet to find a better breakfast food.  Not to mention the possibilities are endless on how to prepare them.  We need to eat breakfast.  It needs to be high in protein.  Eggs are your best bet.  It’s that simple.  Here’s my favorite recipe.

4)  Chicken.  We need to eat foods that are high in protein.  Chicken is going to be a great choice for this, again due to a high protein content and versatility.  Every cookbook has pages and pages of great chicken recipes.  And best of all chicken is relatively inexpensive.  At my local grocery store I can get a cooked rotisserie chicken for like $7, that’s not bad considering a pre-made salad there with maybe 3oz. of chicken at best costs $12!

There you have an awesome video and a few great foods to keep in mind when trying to lose fat.  Never get caught without them available for you to eat or we might get caught making bad decisions.

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