Is “cardio” making women fat???

Came across an awesome article today on  It looks into the SCIENCE (not how we want the body to work) behind steady state cardio making women fat (and guys too).  I’ve been anti-cardio for fat loss for a long time, but this article finally backs it up with some science that makes sense.  The research was there describing what was happening, but this opened my eyes to WHY it was happening.

Women Running into Trouble – John Kiefer

Here are a couple other articles I’ve been reading this week:

Training Schizophrenia – Alwyn Cosgrove

Waterbury Diet for Fat Loss – Chad Waterbury

Functional Assessment and Exercises to Enhance Hip Flexion – Mike Reinold

Good stuff from guys way smarter than me!

And here’s a quick video of a roll you should be doing to loosen up your tight chest and shoulders!

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