Awesome Fat Loss Day

I often go into details on the different aspects of fat loss.  With this post I want to look at tying it all together into a “model” day.  Disclaimer: 1 Day will not actually cause you to lose a significant amount of fat.  Fat loss is achieved by proper programming and dedication over an extended period of time.  I’ll start in the morning and take you all the way to night with a sample person.  This person works a job from 8-5 and is a 190 pound male just so food portions make sense.  I would use myself, but my lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to what I would consider an “awesome” fat loss day.  Plus I’m trying to cultivate mass; it’s not time to harvest yet!With that out of the way here’s a look at what a great fat loss day for this individual would look like.

6:00am-8:00am – Wake up and start preparing breakfast after 8 hours of restful sleep.  This breakfast will include coffee (who doesn’t like coffee with some cream and stevia sweetener) and eggs.  Cereal is not part of a fat loss breakfast.  This mornings recipes will call for 4 eggs, a handful of spinach and a few slices of cheese.  No orange juice, no toast, no pop tarts, just eggs and coffee.  But it doesn’t have to taste bad, go crazy with the eggs, enjoy them.  Just avoid the processed carbs.  Then this person will presumably shower and get ready for work.  I can’t link showering and fat loss but quality food doesn’t come cheap so you better plan on keeping your day job.

8:00am-12:00pm– Work.  That’s it.  No fancy under the desk leg exercises done so fast that the boss won’t see or weird snacks to be consumed every 1.7 hours; just do your job.  And sit up straight!  Bad posture = poor results.  I can’t prove that, but it will put you at risk for injury, and there ain’t much fat being lost while you’re laid up on the couch!

12:00pm-1:00pm– Lunch.  Lunch today will be a salad with grilled chicken on it.  I like mine with avocados, oranges and a little Italian dressing, but that’s me.  The important part is that this meal contains mostly two things.  Vegetables and protein.  And they come from the earth.  No lean cuisines or 100 calorie packs.  Just real food that you know where it came from.  If you eat enough chicken, two breasts in the case our sample working man, you will be full and reduce cravings for the pizza the guy in the cubicle next to you is woofing down solo.

1:00pm-5:00pm– Cardio.  (Just kidding.)  Go back to work.  You can’t will the fat away, and like I said, food costs money, as do gym memberships so buckle up.  It could be a long afternoon.  But once 5pm hits it’s workout time!  Since lunch was so far away I would recommend a protein shake before the workout, maybe on the way to the gym.  Nothing too special, just 25g of easy protein.

5:30p-6:30p– Workout.  A good fat loss day needs a great workout.  This doesn’t mean renting out the stair stepper for the evening.  This means a quick focused purposeful workout.  It’s going to start with a warmup complete with foam rolling, stretching and activation of key muscle groups.  Then it’s going to consist of strength work involving compound movements.  Think the big lifts.  Deadlifts, squat variations, and presses and pulls.  We can’t pick and choose where fat comes off by crunching the fat away!  We have to stimulate systemic (whole body) change and put ourselves in an environment of fat loss by working large muscle groups.  We’re then going to finish with some metabolic work.  It may be sprint intervals on the Airdyne bike, or Kettlebell swings if you have been trained by a professional (certification NOT out of a cracker jack box) .  This is going to be a very intense short burst of activity to stimulate metabolic change.  Slow steady state cardio will do nothing to increase fat loss and only make you more efficient at doing cardio (a bad thing for fat loss; we want that fire BIG not an efficient one!).  Immediately after working out a shake needs to be taken with at least 50g of protein for this individual.  Don’t worry about the calories, the ONLY thing that matters now is recovery from this workout if you actually want to get results.

7:00pm-8:00pm–  Dinner Time.   A great fat loss dinner in my mind involves… wait for it… vegetables and protein!  Tonight’s feast will consist of salmon and broccoli.  A personal favorite of mine!  Eat a huge piece of salmon.  Then eat as much broccoli as you can handle.  Cook them both any way you want, just enjoy them.  Now this guy is set to relax and do what he wants till it’s time to turn in at 10pm to make sure he gets close to 8 hours of sleep again.

And that’s a key word.

Again.  You have to make this happen daily.  That’s the only way this day means anything.  You can’t have a fat loss day then follow it by 5 ‘almost’ fat loss days.  They may not all have the same meals and they certainly shouldn’t all include workouts, but everyday has to be a fat loss day if you actually want to lose fat.

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