Top 4 Fitness Gifts

Like my gift purchases, which still haven’t happened yet, I wanted to wait until the last second to give out my advice on what to get the (aspiring?) fitness enthusiast in your life.


But first I wanted to post an awesome picture I saw this morning.

6 Week Brawny to Scrawny Workout Plan: Lay on the couch and don't eat ANYTHING

But here are my Top 4 Fitness Related Gifts to give this holiday season (well, next holiday season).

1.  A Trainer.  This is a very generous gift, but will make more of a difference than any other fitness option.  There is no fitness gimmick that can compete with getting an intelligent trainer in your corner.  Good trainers are hard to find, but the right one can make all the difference in the world.  To find a good trainer check out my ‘Is your Trainer putting you in Danger?‘ article.

2.  Protein Powder.  I’m not a big supplement guy, but a good tasty protein powder is a great way to help fill in the gaps in one’s diet and give them better control of their protein intake.  I know I wouldn’t get nearly enough protein per day without them!  Here is an article I wrote on Protein Shakes to help you choose the right one!

3.  Fitness Book.  As much as I think most fitness books are way behind because they take years to publish, I think for a beginner it is a great place to start to become enlightened.  Then once you get the basics you can follow up with good online sources of information as you will have a better filter!  I reviewed a popular fitness book, The New Rules of Lifting for Abs and one of my favorites by Dan John, Never Let Go.

4.  Foam Roller.  One good piece of fitness equipment to always have around the house!  We get ours at Perform Better!

That’s it for this year’s gift giving ideas.



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