Christmas Breakfast

Merry Christmas this morning!  I wanted to hop on here very quickly before the rest of the family wakes up to talk about how to make good breakfast decisions this morning.

As you know I’m all for throwing the rules out the window once in awhile and just living life to the fullest.  Christmas would be one of those occasions.  But let’s not get out of control if we’re trying to maintain or even lose fat fat during this holiday season.  If breakfast this morning is the major meal you have been looking forward to since Thanksgiving stop reading now. Load up a plate full of french toast, throw on some syrup, and enjoy.

But if you may have overindulged last night or plan on overindulging later today, let’s not lose two meals in the process.  We know we’re going to eat pie and cookies today, why throw a sugary breakfast into the mix as well!  Not only can we salvage our diet, but breakfast is a meal with less social pressure to eat poorly.  Besides, nobody really knows the difference at breakfast and assumes you’re eating “bad” by serving yourself a plate full of eggs!  So they won’t give you a hard time for being “that healthy food guy/girl.”

Way healthier, but that can be our secret this morning

So do yourself a favor and stick to the eggs and meats this morning at breakfast, save the processed carby stuff for later!  There will be plenty of it!

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