Must Read CrossFit Article…

This is one of those days were I’m just going to concede to someone who I respect and says things a whole heck of a lot better than I can…

What CrossFit is and isn’t by Dewey Nielsen
A must read for anyone who has ever heard of CrossFit… Dewey breaks it down very simply and respectfully.




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3 responses to “Must Read CrossFit Article…

  1. Crossfit has been getting a lot of bad press lately. I think it’s strange that certain training “systems” somehow manage to get a cult following. A lot of it is based on client perception. How do you feel about client perceptions and the subsequent requests they make regarding their training routines?

    • Andrew,

      Client perceptions are what I find to be the most challenging part of my job. Everyday is an adventure to try to get better at connecting with ferociously misinformed clients (and prospective clients). You have to be sensitive to their perceptions (or you might never get the chance to help them!), but you don’t want to mislead them at the same time. It’s a great question, and one that I wish I had all the answers to! I think the tide is turning though as even shows I hate (Biggest Loser) are starting to use more of the type of equipment (TRX, Prowler, etc) you would find at any of the top facilities in the world.

      I would never suggest straying from your programming philosophies though. That’s the backbone of your reputation and shouldn’t be compromised. I think Alwyn Cosgrove said it best, “sell them what they want; give them what they need.”


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