30 Day Fat Loss Challenge

I’ve been sitting around the office this morning stuck on the concept of simplicity.  It boggles my mind that many people can’t accept simple answers to any problems or goals they have.Brendan has been reading a book called Easy Strength, and rubbing it in that he got the new Dan John/Pavel book before I could.  While I look forward to reading it this weekend once he’s finished, we’ve been discussing a lot of the concepts brought up by the two authors for whom I have infinite amounts of respect.  The overall theme is that to get stronger, it doesn’t have to be complicated.  Just do a little bit more volume over time.

It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that.  This applies directly to what the bulk of our clientele are looking for here at Coastal Performance, fat loss!  It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than than ‘move more, eat less.’

I know this is hard to stomach for a lot of people out there that believe they are special and different.  While I’m sure that certainly is the case; it doesn’t apply to fat loss.  You can’t escape human physiology!  We work the way we work and while the mechanisms for getting fat and getting skinny at the cellular level are in my opinion, widely unknown, we do know at the very rudimentary level how to fix those problems.

Call me cynical, but I don’t think there are many people out there that can handle a simple solution to this problem.  That’s where my Fat Loss Challenge was born.  It’s a 30 Day Challenge designed to incinerate fat and give you more energy and all the other great things promised by the late night infomercials.  Here it goes…

30 Day Fat Loss Challenge

1)  Eat Less

2)  Move More

That’s it.

Fat loss is a mental challenge.  This program is a mental challenge.  It’s going to be extremely difficult to come to grips and accept the reality that this is all it’s going to take to get fat off your body.  No crazy gimmicky diets or extreme workout programs.  You’re not going to be eating only lettuce and tuna fish, there will be no throwing up after an exhausting workout, no contemplating if your workout or diet is extreme enough to actually work.  Those things are purely entertainment.  Those are not a means for fat loss.

So how do I do this Challenge?

First, write down everything you eat.  For a full week.  Don’t eat anything different than you normally would.  Just write it all down.  If you truly want the fat loss you will take the time and effort to write everything down.  Then, write down everything you do.  All training and exercise needs to be recorded.  Every single rep.  Tedious, yes, but necessary.  We now have a baseline.

Then you can start your 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge.  You are going to do so by slowly eating less food each week and slowly doing more exercise each week.

That doesn’t mean cutting out meat and adding in extra cardio.  That means cutting out the things you KNOW you shouldn’t be eating if you want to lose fat.  Don’t play coy, we know better than eating bread, pasta and cereal if we’re looking to lose fat.  And there is certainly no cardio allowed in this 30 Day Challenge.  It’s a mental challenge, I need you to actually challenge yourself here!  You’re going to have to strength train if you actually want to lose fat.  And you’re going to have to get better at it than what you’re currently doing.  So if you’re currently doing squats with a kettlebell in your workouts a couple times a week, by the end of those 30 Days, I  want you using a heavier kettlebell (thus MOVING MORE)!  Or if you can only get halfway down in your squats, loosen up those hips and upper back and get to a full range of motion (thus MOVING MORE)!

That’s it.  Just stick to that very simple recipe and see if you have the mental toughness to actually lose some fat and accept some simplicity in your life!

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