Excessive “cardio” exercise may damage your heart?

Came across a few people linking to some research in the European Heart Journal about heart damaged caused by running a marathon.

I wanted to have a look and see if there was anything written to strengthen my “anti-cardio” stance.  I will admit I did not read the full article.  I just don’t have the time to spend on that today, but I will be up front about my faux pas.  So if you are like me and refuse to listen to anyone’s opinion who didn’t read the full research article, you can go ahead and save your time.

But for those curious, here is a link the article.  Exercise-induced right ventricular dysfunction and structural remodelling in endurance athletes.

Basically they looked at 40 marathoners hearts both before and after a marathon (Small sample size, strike one).  They determined from the data they collected that a significant number of marathoner’s Right Ventricles suffered damage after the that went away by a one week retest.  This is the side of the heart that pumps blood into the lungs.  I’m not too concerned with this data, as if we looked at a muscle (which the heart is) before and after a workout, we could conclude that working out is damaging to our muscles.

I think the researchers got that though as they alluded to the fact that more research needed to be done on the chronic adaptations caused by the excessive cardio, like the amount done in training for a marathon.  I would like to see that study, but I doubt that would be possible to pull off with the significant sample size and time needed conduct such an experiment.

Fun Fact:  Pfizer helped partially fund this study…

That’s all for this quick look at some research with a catchy title that doesn’t really change my day to day life.  Oh well, maybe next time!



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