My Top 2 Workout Priorities

While any workout program has specific goals in mind I have found that for just about any program I write, even one’s for myself that a couple themes keep coming up.  I want to highlight the 2 priorities that make their way to the top of any program regardless of goals.

That means whether you’re working out for fat loss, muscle gain, or improved athletic performance we still don’t want to lose focus on the two things that fuel any of those outcomes.

1)  Movement

We have to move well.  It’s that simple.  The better we move, the better the workouts.  If we ignore working towards optimal movement, we could potentially we working in the opposite direction which will take us closer to an injury.  I can’t think of a single workout goal that is better accomplished sitting on the couch with a hurt back!  So always keep proper movement in your mind as you put together a workout program and know what areas you could be doing better in.  If you can’t squat down with your hands up over your head that’s a great place to start.  Fix that and watch as your quality of workouts (and life) increase!  

  2)  Strength

We have to get stronger.  It’s that simple (see a theme here?).  Once we move well, we have to add strength to the equation.  “But Hunter, I don’t care about strength, I just want to look better on my boat this weekend which you’re totally going to be invited to come hang out on if you help me out!”  To that I still respond that we need to get stronger.  To quote Brett Jones (a trainer way smarter than I) “strength is the glass that everything else goes in.”  This means that the more strength we have, the more we can accomplish in terms of any fitness related goal.  We get a training response for doing 10 squats with a 20 pound weight.  The volume of that activity is 200 pounds.  Let’s say we’re twice that strong and use a 40 pound weight.  Now we have a volume of 400 pounds for those squats.  More work in the same amount of time = better results.

So if you want to know whether a workout is “good” or not, just ask yourself if it is going to help you move better and if you are going to be able to get stronger doing it.  If you can answer yes to both those questions, you are taking care of what you need to take care of from a workout standpoint to reach your fitness goals.

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