Saturday Morning Cardio Replacement

It’s a really nice Saturday morning and I just want to help as many people possible save some time from boring cardio routines and get on with their exciting weekend plans!

Instead of hitting the pavement this morning go grab your kettlebell instead.  We’re going to do a quick complex to achieve all the supposed benefits of ‘cardio,’ in a fraction of the time (thus making it better).  We shot a video of this complex but there seems to be a hold up in the Coastal Performance film editing studio so keep an eye out for it later in the week.

We’re going to do 3 moves on each side of the body, making 6 total.  The word complex implies that we’re going to do all of the exercises in a row without putting down the weight.  (otherwise I would just call it a circuit)  This complex is going to take the form of a ladder  This mean we’re going to do one rep of each exercise, then go back to the top and do 2 reps of each exercise and so on until our form breaks down.  If our form doesn’t start to break down around 6 reps, it’s probably time for a heavier kettlebell.  Here are the moves:

Right arm Swing

Right arm Overhead Press

Right arm Front Squat

Left arm Swing

Left arm Overhead Press

Left arm Front Squat

Run through 3 or 4 rounds of that complex and get on with your weekend!  Here’s a quick video of how to properly perform the swing (just use one arm instead of two!).



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