Saturday Morning Cardio Replacement

I’ve got a really simple one this morning for those of you that might feel bad about their consumption decisions last night and think a little cardio will make things right (it won’t).

Time is a precious commodity, especially on a Saturday morning, so please don’t waste it doing pointless aerobic exercise.  I promise the “calorie burn” myth will die soon and you’ll be way ahead of the pack in giving it up!  Like the first person to give up Cassettes for CD’s!

Doing cardio for fat loss IS like using this...Yes, we once thought it was a great idea, but the most resourceful have moved on!

But here’s my solution if you feel guilty about giving up your jog:

First, look back at your workouts for the week.  Did you get in 3 great workouts (cardio doesn’t count and neither does hitting a couple ‘machines.’) this week?  These workouts should have been planned out ahead of time, hopefully by a professional that gets paid to do that sort of thing.  If you got those in, I want you to replace your ‘cardio’ with something…FUN.

I don’t care what it is.  I don’t care if it “burns calories.”  Us humans actually burn calories sitting on the couch; and not that much less than going for a jog actually!  Just go do something you find fun and entertaining and do it for that reason and that reason only. I’d make some suggestions, but I don’t know what you like, only you really know the answer to that.

Just make sure to remember to get off the couch 3 times a week for your workout... and not eating crap might help too...

Now let’s say you didn’t get your workouts in this week.  You only made it to the gym once.  That’s probably not going to cut it.  Let’s not waste an opportunity for a great workout on some cardio.  Remember, time is truly our most precious commodity!  If you don’t have a professionally designed workout plan, here’s what you’re going to do.  Go to our Facebook page here.  Like the page as the gentleman in the video requested and you’ll get access to our fan page.  Click on the workout of the month and you will get access to a PDF you can print out of a great workout for anybody; barring any special circumstances.

Go do that.  Skip the cardio.  And have a great weekend.



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