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Book Review- Never Let Go

Another thing I wanted to do this year was to try to make the blog a little more positive, instead of just my ranting and raving about the latest monstrosity workout created in the deep corners of some Crossfit asylum that makes me and my entire profession look like a big joke, like the one I saw yesterday featuring a countdown reps system going from 100 reps to 90 reps and so on using exercises I wouldn’t have a client do one rep of, let alone 90, but I digress…

The point is I respect that I can’t just complain about things I hate and wanted to take this opportunity to review something I can stand behind.  The book Never Let Go by Dan John was a pleasure to read and I recommend it to anyone slightly interested in fitness or athletic performance.

Dan John is a strength coach out in Utah who has really has a great perspective on the fitness industry.  While many coaches out there argue over various details about training, Dan cuts right through to the important information like nobody else out there.  This book is a collection of articles Dan has written over the years so it makes for an easy read.  It is not his training manifesto or a book detailing his life, but through these articles I feel like I do know a lot more about him and his path to where he is today as well as have a deep insight into his training philosophies.

I was really amazed at the consistency of these articles read back to back.  These had to have been written over a period of years and while he does end up telling the same stories and making the same points in more than one article, the overall tone of the articles and his stances he takes are consistent from one to the next.  I feel like if I read one of his articles without knowing it was him writing it, I would still be able to figure out it was him.  This was a book I never wanted to end.

Again, I would highly recommend this book to anyone in the strength and conditioning world, but also to anyone who has a slight interest in fitness because Dan John’s writing is so much more than sets and reps.  We could all use a little more of Dan John’s simplicity in our lives.



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